3 Ways We’ve Boosted Data Security at Smiles On Demand

3 Ways We’ve Boosted Data Security at Smiles On Demand

Let’s talk security at Smiles On Demand! 

In addition to all our high-tech protection measures, we go the extra mile to keep your businesses data safe. 

2020 saw a huge surge in online activity due to the ongoing pandemic and while it was a saving grace for many businesses it opened us all up to more, ever-evolving,  various forms of cyberattacks. 

As a customers service and back-office provider, we have a responsibility to protect your customer’s information and business data, by all means, necessary; including documents, networks and systems. 

Your data is confidential and oftentimes sensitive. 

Throughout history, data leaks have shown us the consequences of what can happen when information is compromised. 

It not only damages your reputation as a business, but your customers lose confidence and trust in you too. 

Not to mention that it can dramatically interrupt operations, resulting in massive profit losses and higher expenditures.

At Smiles, we’ve implemented 3 more ways to enhance data security at both of our office locations. 

Whoever you outsource to, you should feel confident that your data is being handled with the care and protection it deserves…

1. Our Physical Security at Smiles On Demand

While the interweb space may feel vast, inexhaustible and somewhat scary (at times), when it comes to securing your data, the real, physical, world deserves attention too! 

This is perhaps the most obvious and simplest step you can take to securing your data, yet you’d be surprised how often it gets overlooked in BPO industries across the world. 

Simple door locks are a surefire way to secure your IT-related assets including sensitive documents. 

At Smiles, we have 24/7 physical security measures at both our office site locations. 

No one gets in or out without them knowing. 

Each team office space has keycard access. 

All our employees working on your behalf can only enter the space in which they work if they’re on your team. 

None of the employee computers have USB ports. 

This makes it impossible for anyone to download or store your data on a personal drive. 

security at Smiles on Demand

Security cameras.

We have security cameras in every space and hire qualified personnel to monitor them 24/7. 

A great deal of attention is dedicated to our server rooms. 

We keep high-concern areas safe by limiting authorized personnel access. 

2. Internal Security at Smiles On Demand

At Smiles, we’re selective about who we hire. 

We take great pride in our teams so we go the extra mile to determine whether or not they will be a great fit. 

That said, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. 

Data hackers are a big threat to every business, but employees may be the biggest threat to information security! 

They might have access to sensitive documents, and the risks they pose may be harder to detect and manage. 

We conduct numerous tests and checks on potential candidates in the recruitment process and rigorously screen applicants before they’re hired. 

Once hired, their direct operations managers make it a point to communicate and educate them on our IT protocols, and the different forms of cyberattacks. 

security at Smiles on Demand

Not only that,  we carefully identify the documents and tools that they need for the job and ensure that they ONLY have access to these. 

In our offices you won’t find: 

  • Mobile phones – we have a hub where all employees can store their phones before entering their office space. 
  • Flash drives (as mentioned above).  
  • Pen and paper (unless absolutely necessary).  
  • Other objects that can be used to copy or store information without authorization.

3. We Conduct Regular Penetration Tests. 

We’ve found the best way to guard against hackers is to think and act like one. 

Conducting regular penetration tests, more commonly known as a pen test is good practice for any BPO. 

A pen test is a simulated attack on a system or network, and at Smiles, this technique is done by IT security professionals. 

We do this regularly to keep your data safe, updated, and resilient against the ever-evolving forms of hacking. 

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