300+ Smiles Employees & Counting | Reflecting On 2020/2021

300+ Smiles Employees & Counting | Reflecting On 2020/2021

We’re so excited to announce that in March 2021 we reached a new milestone at Smiles On Demand – we hired our 300th employee! 

This April (2021) we are 300+ employees strong and counting. 

Thank you to each and every one of our team members, old and new.

You are the team that make it all possible.

Together, the sky is the limit!


  • how did we get here?
  • what are our BPO industry reflections on the past year?
  • what does the future look like? 

Smiles’ Growth Pre-Covid

Prior to COVID, our existing tools and talent pool enabled us to rapidly deploy a talented team to work on our client’s behalf, with diligent ongoing management guaranteeing the highest standards at any scale.

In addition to this, we’ve been continually investing in technology and training since the beginning to support our expansion. 

13 month pay Philippines

Future-proofing business isn’t just something we do for our clients, it’s at the very core of our own business model too. 

Exercising Our Resiliency

2020 was no doubt a testing year for everyone. 

At Smiles, despite the tumultuous lockdowns, we were able to pivot business efficiently and effectively to meet changing demands. 

Reflecting upon our accelerated success during what was, for many, incredibly difficult times we believe 4 key factors played a big role: 

  • A surge in online activity – the whole world changed the way it went about its business and the need to be online in order to thrive skyrocketed. As an offshore cloud-based business naturally this played in our favour. Our clients needed us, and we were there. 
  • Technology – our cloud-based computing, state-of-the-art tech and systems at Smiles meant we well prepared at operating online, safely and securely. We are both GDPR and PCI DSS certified too
  • Expert management and oversight – our well-ratioed compliancy managers and operations managers were well-prepared to continue calibration meetings to review performance, identify areas for improvement, and keep client and senior management updated on new developments. 
corporate responsibility
  • Cultural resiliency and willingness to adapt – lastly, Filipinos are highly adaptable, often making the best of what we have and finding pleasures in simple things. Our reaction to adversity continues to amaze foreigners to this day. People around the world are often astounded by images of children having fun swimming in floodwaters, or people in evacuation centres smiling and waving at cameras. There’s a real positive spirit that permeates the entire culture here and helps us to adapt to challenges quickly. In general, we are always able to find something pleasant amongst adversity and make the challenges we face work for us.

For us, while the pandemic is awful and there has been a tragic loss of life, we choose to look at the positives, of which, (when you really think about it) there are many!

  • Less pollution 
  • A desire to live more sustainably
  • A push for a healthier lifestyle 
  • More mindfulness
  • Innovation
  • Corporate responsibility
  • Gratitude 

To name a few…the list goes on! 

Many Industries Are Booming 

While many businesses have suffered, there are some industries that are booming right now. 

The most obvious being healthcare…

…As providers across the world are under intense pressure. 

On top of increased demand, their work can often be hindered by the administrative elements of the process. 

With the help of the Filipino BPO market, more healthcare providers than ever are improving the quality of their service and boosting financial performance.

Other industries booming include: 

  • Online Fitness 
  • Online Education
  • Ecommerce 
  • Cybersecurity
  • Videogaming
  • Entertainment Streaming Services
  • Food Delivery Services
  • Legal Services
  • Pharmaceauticals

And many many more! 

We expect to support more clients in similar sectors over the coming months as the demand for offshore teams grows. 

A Look To The Future – Life At Smiles

At Smiles, we’ve always prided ourselves on being small enough to care about every individual – we treat our employees like people, not numbers on a list that can be easily replaced.

We want you to know that even as we grow during this exciting time for everyone, our work-family ethos will remain unchanged

We are one! 

It’s this innate oneness that drives our mission and our success. 

Smiles Dumaguete Summer Party

Our strong infrastructure and management means that for Smiles employees there will be more room to grow and progress in your career. 

So, on that note…

With our existing accounts ramping up and lot’s of new exciting opportunities emerging we offer a dynamic workplace for anyone that is driven to deliver. 

Email recruitment@smilesondemand.com to explore our current vacancies.

We Will Celebrate (Soon) 

The only thing that saddens us during this time, is that pre-COVID given our 300th employee news we would be celebrating in style! 

Our summer parties and themed Christmas parties are some of our fondest memories as a team. 

Right now, big gatherings aren’t possible.

Keeping our teams safe and healthy is our utmost priority. 

However, that doesn’t mean we won’t celebrate – we most definitely will! 

The oscars christmas party

With a vaccine-roll out and numbers of cases dropping by the day around the world – (dare I say it) hope is on the horizon. 

We’re biding our time, and when the time is right get ready to party like you’ve never partied before. 

We’ve got a lot of making up to do. 

Ain’t no party like a Smiles On Demand party! 

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Thank you for reading!

If you’ve got a question about working with Smiles On Demand please leave your thoughts in the comments section below, and we will get back to you ASAP. 🙂