Should I Outsource My Business Back Office to The Philippines?

Should I Outsource My Business Back Office to The Philippines?

Are you wondering if outsourcing your back office could benefit your business?

In order for businesses to thrive, they need to focus their key resources on core business functions and operations in order to grow.

For many companies scaling a businesses can be an uphill struggle.


Insufficient resources, unprepared infrastructures, and rising operating costs to actively participate in the growing competition.

Yet, there is a better way…

Fortunately, modern business strategies and models give enterprises the opportunity to overcome these hurdles efficiently and reach the finish line of their goals through back-office outsourcing.

What is Back Office? 

A business’s back office usually consists of non-customer-facing tasks and typically involves administrative functions.

back office operations at smiles on demand

Despite being less prominent than front office operations, back-office tasks remain significant contributors to a business’s success. 

These functions may include record maintenance, accounting, IT services, clearances, settlements, and regulatory compliance.

Through well-managed back-office operations, the front office staff are able to perform their client-facing duties.

What is Back Office Outsourcing?

By outsourcing your back office, you’re able to delegate some of your company’s operations such as administrative jobs to a third-party provider us – Smiles On Demand

We build and manage expertly tailored teams in the Philippines.

Lowered Costs

It’s not just about saving you time and money, it’s about improving efficiency and catapulting your success to peak-performance.

The most common back-office tasks outsourced by companies are human resources, data entry, payroll, and accounting, marketing, and IT support. 

Supercharged Scalability

What sets us apart is the way we combine speed with scalability that’s otherwise inaccessible to smaller businesses.

A company can double even triple its growth very quickly, and most are not fully equipped to handle the adjustment. 

managed back office teams in the philippines

With a strong back office in place, your company will have the flexibility it needs to scale! 

Fully-Managed Training & Teams

From team management to overseeing any required training, companies can breathe a little easier with their outsourcing provider in place.

When automation just isn’t an option, we can grow your team to keep pace with your growing needs – all without compromising on quality and precision.

Access to Technology & Smart Infrastructure

At Smiles we have the technology to help businesses perform the necessary processes they require at an optimal level. 

However, this can be costly when done locally to the business. 

We make use of new software and hardware without the need for you to invest a large sum of money.

Not only that but with a smart infrastructure, we keep your outsourced team motivated and driven to deliver while providing you with the highest level of service available. 

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You Pay Less While Paying Employees More

Our strategic locations and low overheads mean we can charge you less and with a lower local cost of living, your team keeps more. 

We pay an above-average salary to our employees. Included in your hourly price, is our one-of-a-kind Smiles performance bonus program which keeps employees motivated. 

The program enables them to have the chance to earn up to 30% on top of their basic salary through good attendance, client satisfaction, and policy adherence.

Build Resilience with Relievers

With dedicated relievers at a ratio of 5-7 to 1, only Smiles protect you with fully-trained team members to cover absences and sickness.

Serious About Security

We’re dedicated to the best data security – that’s why our compliance team monitors every employee to keep them compliant with your policies and any non-disclosure agreements.

security back office teams

Less Commitment

Don’t spend anything until we’ve built a team you can trust. If we don’t find the right candidates, walk away with no financial impact.

Train for Free

Whenever someone is added to your team, spend two weeks training them at no charge-you only start paying us once your team is up-and-running.

What Back Office Should You Outsource?

At Smiles, we’re specialists in cost-effective back-office processes – everything from content moderation to transcription and reference checking.

Content Moderation

From forums to social media, we’ll watch over your content and make sure your policies and preferences are effectively enforced.

Data Entry

Bringing information into the digital world, our fast and accurate data entry is ideal for handwritten forms and documents.


Our specialist teams can deliver transcription at speed and scale – even when sector-specific terminology is involved.

transcriptions back office

Photo Evaluation

For post-stay property checks, product returns and more, our diligent team never misses a detail.

Background Checks

Trust our team to check references and verify your applicants for your peace of mind.

Ecommerce Admin

From uploading new products to checking stock levels, we’ll make ecommerce effortless.

CMS Admin

Our team has years of experience in working with data-heavy platforms across travel, hospitality, real estate and more.

Cross-system Data Entry

When one data set needs to be replicated elsewhere, we’ll provide a hands-on alternative to costly integrations and complex APIs.

Categorizing & Tagging

Metadata makes incredible things possible – and our team can handle all your categorization, tagging, and grouping for you.

Why Should You Outsource Back Office Operations?

Leveraging resources can be particularly crucial for businesses especially small to medium enterprises. 

Outsourcing your back office allows you to use the driving forces and brain power of your organisation more effectively. 

Not only that but there’s also the management burden of handling your own back office.

 By outsourcing, your operations will be fully managed with everything taken care of.

The best part? It’s cost-effective. 

managed back office teams in the philippines

Outsourcing your back office allows businesses to shift their priorities.

They won’t have to waste time addressing administrative tasks that can be better taken care of by specialized third-party agents.

By outsourcing some key back-office functions, companies will allow for more opportunities and energize the priority of long-term processes.

Collaborate With Professionals

By teaming up with an expert outsourcing provider, companies get access to world’s best talent at a great price.

Our professional team at Smiles On Demand can accomplish all the assigned tasks at the highest level. Talk to us about your outsourcing needs today!