COVID-19’s Impact on The Philippines | Pandemic Assistance

COVID-19’s Impact on The Philippines | Pandemic Assistance

Are you wondering what impact COVID-19 has had on the Philippines?

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Travel & Tourism

Perhaps the most obvious industry to have been greatly affected is travel and tourism.

For over a year now, travel to the Philipines region either came to a grinding halt or was dramatically reduced.

Ordinarily, our home is a much sought after tropical destination for many international travellers planning a vacation.

Consequently, the tourism industry in the Philippines is a major contributor to the economic health of our country.


In 2017, it accounted for 12.7% of all national business, according to data from the Philippines Statistics Authority.

To put it into perspective, more than seven million foreign tourists visited the country during the first ten months of 2019 alone!

High Unemployment Rates

While Filipinos are notorious for their unshakeable, resilient and optimistic spirit, we cannot deny the realities of the pandemic over the last year.

Many people in the Philippines have lost their jobs.

jobs in the philippines

Stats detail that our country is going through the worst unemployment crisis in 15 years due to the closure of retail trade, malls, airports, cancelled flights, and non-food and non-health-related manufacturing closures.

Life at Smiles

It’s not all doom and gloom though!

The pandemic forced many businesses around the world to shift to operating more efficiently online overnight. At Smiles, we were well-positioned on the run-up to the pandemic for scaling quickly.

The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry is one of the Philippine economy’s two primary ‘legs’, contributing $26 billion to the Philippine economy in 2019.

BPO employs 1.3 million people in over 1000 firms.

And in March 2021, we recently surpassed our 300th team member!

Oftentimes, it’s hard for us to get our head around the success and growth we’ve accomplished during such unprecedented times which have been so difficult for so many.

pandemic assistanca

However, it only spurs us on to create more success for everyone and to share it with those who need it most.

With our existing accounts ramping up and lots of new opportunities coming our way we encourage anyone who is driven to deliver to apply for an open vacancy by email

Close-Knit Community

While life at Smiles is thriving, sadly many of our team members family have been affected by the pandemic.

Due to the close knit nature of our culture – the effects can be felt by all.

Fernando Agustin is one of our Operations Managers here at Smiles and has been spearheading the training for our agents regarding the cultural gap and nuances between the Philippines and the West.

“Let’s start on how the Filipino family is very closely knitted together”.

Having close family ties is an old, distinctive trait that Filipinos are well-known for.


When Fernando was young he had 3 generations of Agustin living in one house, including cousins, uncles, and aunts.

Similar upbringings are true of many other agents also working at Smiles.

How does this affect their work-life?

Filipinos extend the love and care from the family to the people around them at work, which is, naturally, a welcome benefit.

But when one family member is affected, we all are.

Many Smiles agents refer to one another as an extended family, which means they are more likely to help each other out and pull together to get things done.

Pulling Together

That’s why at Smiles we recently decided to distribute high-quality rice to all of our team members as part of our new pandemic assistance initiative.

Because every little helps!

Lending a helping hand can be of the best things one person can do for another.

It can come in many shapes and forms, from even the most unexpected people.

That’s the best part about about being helpful.

pandemic assistanca

Those moments can mean the world to someone.

Even during a pandemic, Filipino people know how to have fun and keep everyone smiling. It’s in our nature.

How You Can Help

There are many ways that we can all pull together in these tough times.

If you would like to help causes in the Philippines as we traverse the road to recovery together.

smiles on demand


And donate today.

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