The Pathway to Customer Retention for eCommerce in 2020

The Pathway to Customer Retention for eCommerce in 2020

Your customer retention rate doesn’t just speak for your products it speaks for your brand as a whole.

According to Forbes, it costs seven times more to attract new customers than to retain existing customers, so…

How Do You Retain eCommerce Customers? 

For many, the internet has become the chosen place for people to shop.

I mean, who doesn’t love some online retail therapy? 

Yet,  there’s a lack of personal interaction between consumers and companies. 

Our consumer frustrations grow when we run into issues and can’t easily find a representative to talk to, right?

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Adding insult to injury, there are many online businesses that do not respond to customer concerns or their responses are very slow.

These problems often occur when there’s a lack of infrastructure in place to scale efficiently as the demand for the product grows. 

The truth is customer service is very time-consuming, but it’s absolutely key to retaining your customers over time.

Our motto at Smiles is that “if it isn’t your zone of genius, outsource it”. 

Putting the Customers Needs First

Response time is crucial.

Did you know 3 out of 5 customers never complete a purchase simply due to poor customer service? 

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Doesn’t it make sense to have a team on your side whose zone of genius IS customer service? 

Being able to provide excellent customer service not only increases profits and sales but helps companies stand out in the marketplace.

Even without face-to-face integration, there are so many ways to offer exceptional service online. 

According to ‘Customer Experience Matters’ 77% of customers recommend an e-commerce business to their family and friends when they have had an exceptional experience.

Switching Out ‘Satisfactory’ for ‘Exceptional’

Enhancing customer experience is the most significant step an e-commerce business can take to retain customers.

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Studies have shown that buyers return to an e-commerce brand after an exceptional customer experience.

Analyze, Act & Enhance

Not only is it about listening to your customer it’s important to track what they’re doing on your website, experiment, and implement new strategies to continually enhance the user experience.

For example:

1. Analysis and insights about cart abandonment can help you peek into the customers’ mindset and learn what stops them from making a purchase.

2. Pre-sales and lead management functions attract buyers to your business and convert website visitors into new customers that you can then work to nurture and retain.

3. Seller onboarding & support is another piece of the puzzle you might need help with.

As competition grows getting an e-commerce business off the ground is no easy feat.

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But by outsourcing your customer service needs to Smiles On Demand you can put your best foot forward so you and your team can focus on the core functions of the business.

Alibaba’s Outsourcing Success

FUN FACT: When Alibaba made its inception and took the eCommerce world by storm Jack Ma relied on outsourcing the website’s development to IT developers from the US.

Back in those days, there was actually a lack of Chinese IT talent, behind the curtains Ma had to find viable ways to dodge the Chinese internet restrictions

How to Strategize Customer Service Outsourcing for E-commerce

In today’s world, there’s little to no room for mistakes.

The power of the internet is not only your friend but can be a foe in these times as customers have become even more critical of small glitches that occur during their shopping experience.

A customer in the physical world might tell 6 people of their bad experience but online it’s more like 6000

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According to ‘NewVoiceMedia’, 51% of customers will never do business with a company again after one negative customer service experience. 

That’s why you need to be able to give the customer service aspect of your business 110%

It starts with finding the right customer service outsourcing team to meet your eCommerce business’ needs. 

In a customer-centric world, the right team with expert management and oversight can be the edge you need to win over your competitors. 

Are you ready to hijack the hearts (and wallets) of millions of customers worldwide? 

How to strategize your customer service for eCommerce: 

  • Identify the most common areas for potential hiccups (wrong order, returns, address typo, change order, exchange, refund).
  • Create template answers for the most common queries. From here, your outsourcing team can tweak and personalize accordingly.
  • Go the extra mile and ditch boring blanket responses. Instead, create coherence by breathing life into your replies by infusing them with your brand tone of voice. This small added touch can make a huge difference. For example, if you’re a quirky jewelry company your templates should reflect this and ooze quirkiness too in the language you use. 
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  • Wherever possible, simplify. Have a straightforward process in place for each potential problem so you can solve it simply, quickly, and effectively. 
  • Go above and beyond to make things right with your customer if they have a bad experience. The goal is to leave them feeling better off than before the problem arose. For example, if your margins allow it, send out freebies as a gesture of goodwill, or discount codes for all future orders,  etc. 
  • If you have a very happy customer always leave them with the option to leave a review.  
  • Prioritize what your customers want, crunch the numbers, and look at the analytics to see their buying patterns/decisions and adjust accordingly.
  • Don’t be afraid to apologize when you mess up, just be steadfast on solving the problem. 

How Can We Help?

Your customers are online 27/7, 7 days a week – that’ why we are too! 

Whether you need live chat support, email handling, or for us to link into your existing systems, at Smiles we can help.

Garner Feedback 

We can utilize surveys and emails to garner feedback from your customers.

This way you can make them feel heard and respected.

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It’s a win-win for everyone as you will also get to take the information and think about how to improve your service options

Prioritise Your Customers 

We’ll prioritize your customers on your behalf addressing any grievances in record-time landing their trust and loyalty. 

eCommerce customers solidify their trust in a brand when they know they will get the required support at the right time, with convenience, and courtesy. 

eCommerce Customer Service Outsourcing for Startups

Start-ups will find customer service outsourcing to be a hugely beneficial advantage,  as not only will you be able to scale quickly, it’s cost-effective

It could be the key to getting the business off the ground on the best foot possible without your small team deviating from the core business functions.

How We Work

1. Understand your Needs

Everything starts with you, in direct conversation with our CEO. We spend more time becoming experts in everything you do – so we can create a bespoke proposal that fits your business and budget.

2. Building a Team

We hand-select and pre-screen a shortlist of people with the expertise it takes to meet your requirements, with interviews conducted by you or our CEO. Then you make the final selection to guarantee the right match.

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3. Endless Optimisation

Once you’re up-and-running, we don’t stop. With regular calibration meetings handled by our Operations Managers and 24/7 support, we’ll always find new ways to optimise performance and productivity for your long-term growth and success.

You’ll constantly be aware of how your team is working – and we’ll resolve any potential issues in record time

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