How Customer Service Outsourcing Can Supercharge Your Revenue Growth

How Customer Service Outsourcing Can Supercharge Your Revenue Growth

At Smiles On Demand, customer service outsourcing isn’t just about saving you money…

With the right oversight, training, and incentives, you can not only control costs you can supercharge your revenue growth!


By spreading smiles and simplifying support you can scale your business quickly, catapulting its success to exponential growth.

Know Your Strengths

In the early 70s, Ford got their first taste of huge commercial success, and naturally, they were hungry for more. 

They were ready to expand and dominate the automobile industry.

To be the best in the business, they had to prove their mettle in automobile racing’s toughest test, the “24 hours of Le Mans“.

customer service outsourcing

Ford (at this time) didn’t possess any racing pedigree.

Yet, they still went on to win the prestigious event and catapult the business’s success forward.

So, how did they do it? 

Ford Outsourced

They evaluated their strengths and weaknesses and came to the conclusion they were out of their depth in this department.

Consequently, they made a turnkey move to outsource the development of their race car to expert Carroll Shelby a total master of designing purpose-built race cars. 

There is a crucial business lesson to be learned here.

As Peter Drucker once said, “do what you do best, outsource the rest”. 

 If you don’t possess the necessary skills required to undertake a critical business activity, then the possibility of failure is high.

Customer Service Is a Critical Business Activity

One such critical function in many businesses is customer service & support, and there are too many horror stories of brands falling short and failing miserably at it. 


 Because most businesses are focused on building the product and creating growth.

 Customer Service doesn’t come naturally to them, often because of a lack of experience in this area.

customer service outsourcing

When you outsource critical and time-consuming business activities you are suddenly able to free up essential company resources.

For example, someone who had the tendency to get tied in solving minimal client queries can now spend their valuable time focusing on core growth issues instead.

Ultimately, you can minimize the dependency of the key members of your business for problem-solving and dispute resolution.

Specialist customer experience agents will be able to solve basic issues on their own, and only complex queries would get filtered and passed on to the company employees.

Access to State of The Art Services for A Fraction of The Cost

Customer service outsourcing continues to flourish because of the development of new technologies.

At Smiles On Demand, we leverage Emails, SMS, Social Media, Voice, Online Chat, VoIP, and video calling to connect with customers. 

Our dedicated service agents can communicate with your users via in-app chat services in real-time to solve problems or issues that arise. 

Having the flexibility to easily talk with your customers 24/7 around the world creates more loyalty and trust with your brand because customers feel seen and heard. 

To make things as simple as possible for you we can link into your telecoms and IT – or give you free access to our fully-featured phone systems with IVR, skill-based routing and more.

customer service outsourcing

When you work with us, we’ll create a detailed operations manual that gives people in your team everything they need to thrive, meet your standards, and deliver true service excellence.

We’re dedicated to the best data security – that’s why our compliance team monitors every employee to keep them compliant with your policies and any non-disclosure agreements.

Improve Your NPS Score 

Your Net Promoter Score (NPS) matters for long term growth. Did you know that more than 67 percent of Fortune 1000 companies rely on their NPS to represent their customer relationship ranking? 

It is a figure often closely also associated with revenue too. Managing a great relationship with your customer base drives this metric up tenfold

Having a specialized and tailored customer service agency allows for quick and easy scalability too.

When you’re doubling down on growth simultaneously your customer service team grows with you continuously improving and nurturing your current brand relationships so you don’t have to. 

Customer service outsourcing offers a seamless, personalized experience to your clients as your customer service team can tap into secure user data

No matter who the service agent is, they will be able to access updated records of the client’s history to ensure high contextual relevance.

Any customer service agency worth its dollar knows how to make the customer feel valued and cared for. 

Outsourcing Is Cost-Effective 

Maintaining an in-house customer service center that can support your burgeoning customer base effectively will be a drain on the company’s resources.

Especially, since the minimum wage and cost of living in the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia continues to rise.

Not only that but it poses a significant management challenge to keep your customer service team in-house.

customer service outsourcing

Here at Smiles, we’re experts at building managed teams in the Philippines.

We combine the best talent with the best oversight and management. 

With operations manager meetings every 1-2 weeks, you’ll constantly be aware of how your team is working – and we’ll resolve any potential issues in record time.

You Pay Less While Paying Employees More

You see, what makes us unique as a BPO is our strategic locations.

Our low overheads mean we can charge you less and with a lower local cost of living, your team keeps more. 

We pay an above-average salary to our employees. Included in your hourly price, is our one-of-a-kind Smiles performance bonus program which keeps employees motivated.

The program enables them to have the chance to earn up to 30% on top of their basic salary through good attendance, client satisfaction, and policy adherence.

Train for Free

Don’t spend anything until we’ve built a team you can trust.

If we don’t find the right candidates, walk away with no financial impact.

Whenever someone is added to your team, spend two weeks training them at no charge-you only start paying us once your team is up-and-running.

What Customer Support Can You (And Should You) Outsource?

If you want to make your customer experience effortless here are some departments of your business you should consider outsourcing to supercharge your revenue growth. 

1. Customer Service 

From placing orders to product and service inquiries, we’ll help you give customers simple-yet-effective service at every stage.

2. Inbound Sales

With our knowledge of what you do and how you do it, we’ll guide your customers to the right products and a successful sale.

3. Customer Support 

When the stakes are highest, give your customers an understanding source of the help, advice, and expertise they need.

4. Dispatch Operations

Wherever in the world, you’re based, our team can coordinate pickups, deliveries, and logistics on your behalf.

customer service outsourcing

5. Receptionists

From doctors to legal practices, we’ve helped hundreds of professionals and tradespeople make the right first impression.

Learn How You Can Simplify Your Support Today

Your customer service deserves laser-sharp focus, at Smiles, we offer incredible customer experiences at any scale. 

Some of the top brands operating in the E-Commerce, BFSI, Travel and Telecom industry rely on Smiles On Demand to look after their customer support needs.

Discover how we can help serve your business by setting up a meeting with our CEO, Graham Innes below.