Gift-Giving To Our Local Communities | Christmas 2021

Gift-Giving To Our Local Communities | Christmas 2021

Christmas is a time for giving!

The last two years have been hard for everyone.

With our home country, the Philippines, relying so heavily on tourism the effects of the Covid crisis have been devastating for many of our local communities.

At Smiles, we never take an ounce of our continued success and growth throughout these difficult times for granted.

To show our gratitude we make a regular habit of giving back to our local communities.

Spreading smiles doesn’t stop with our customers or clients, it’s a part of who we are as Filipinos!

We love nothing more than bringing smiles to our communities and the people around us too.

Because together we can make a difference.

Christmas Gift-Giving in La Libertad

On December 4th we visited La Libertad, a local town situated in the northern part of Negros Oriental (where we’re based).

This gift-giving initiative was spearheaded by our Chief Operations Officer, Jane Innes, who went with the Smiles team to personally hand sacks of rice to the locals of the town.

The team is composed of Smiles employees from the HR, Admin, IT and Facilities department – who chose to volunteer and offer their time to help with the distribution.

Our nurse who assisted with our vaccination efforts at both of our office sites also helped with the distribution of gift-giving offering up her free time.

Despite the pandemic, we are grateful that we are still blessed with the ability to give and offer help to those less fortunate.

It has been the enduring support of our management and employees that helped us weather the storm and come out the other side stronger.

There is nothing more rewarding for all of our hard work than seeing our community smile even with everything they’re going through right now.

We all have a role to play in building a brighter future for everyone.

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