6 Tips That Will Give You the Most Success in Outsourcing

6 Tips That Will Give You the Most Success in Outsourcing

It all comes down to gratitude

At Smiles, we’re enthusiastic about bringing you top tips on how to get the most success in outsourcing, because ultimately, our end goal is to make our partnership a prosperous success for your business.

Over the years our senior managers have noticed that clients who are passionate about their teams boast the teams that work better, faster, and more productively than those who treat their remote team less well. 

It greatly impacts attendance, rates of sickness, and crucially employee turnover. As a team member, feeling like we’re a part of the team, doing important work, rather than being “just a number” makes all the difference.

Here’s how you can get the most from your team:

1. Remember Your Team Are Human Beings

When setting up your offshore team in the Philippines remember your offshore team are human beings – they’re not robots.

The upsides of a more human approach to leadership are getting a lot of attention in the media right now thanks to publications such as Forbes.

Millennials are quickly becoming the majority population in most company teams and data shows that millennials, in particular, are not satisfied with only a paycheck, bonus, and benefits they want meaning, happiness, and connectedness too


A more inspiring and personal relationship with your team results in employees who are intrinsically motivated, and more committed to driving success in your business.

2. Show Gratitude

The no.1 tip we have to help you get the most out of your team in the Philippines is to show gratitude!


We recommend trialling out the Love Gratitude App.

When working with remote teams it’s important we don’t forget the importance of connectedness.

It’s one of our basic human needs! 

The Love Gratitude App is an incredible invention that makes it easy to send personal messages of thanks via shorts videos or GIFS on a regular basis. 


Step 1: shoot a short video expressing your thanks, gratitude, or appreciation

Step 2: send

Step 3: feel warm inside for brightening up the day of another.

Try it and watch the productivity in your team flourish! 

3. Keep Us Apprised

Our expertise is our ability to build effective teams.

 That’s why we hand-select and pre-screen a shortlist of people with the qualifications it takes to meet your requirements, through interviews conducted by you or our CEO. 

Then,  you make the final selection to guarantee the right match.

Once you’re up-and-running, we don’t stop.

With regular calibration meetings and 24/7 support, we’ll always find new ways to optimize performance and productivity for your long-term growth and success.


Included in your hourly price, is our one-of-a-kind Smiles Performance Bonus program that keeps employees motivated on our part with the chance to earn up to 30% on top of their basic salary through good attendance, client satisfaction and policy adherence.

This is of no extra cost to you and provides an additional incentive to your agents every single month.

To make this program possible, we will simply ask you to provide performance scores and feedback regularly.

4. Send an Email at The End of Each Day or Week

A surefire way to inspire drive is to send an email at the end of each day or week thanking your offshore team for their work.

Include any wins your company has had, so we know how valuable our work is and the impact it has.


We understand that you’re busy in the often manic and changeful pace of the working environment but setting aside just a few minutes at the end of each day or week can be a huge productivity booster in your teams.

Our teams love to stay in the loop and up-to-date with the growth and success of your business.

We are as invested in your success as you are.

5. Be Mindful Not to Swear

Most importantly, be mindful not to swear.

For most people in the Philippines and all over the world, it’s deeply disrespectful.

If you feel frustrated we have the right infrastructure in place for you to be able to fix the problem quickly.

  • For day to day issues, you can provide direct your feedback to your team via email / Skype / Slack
  • For management issues, you can contact the Operations Team
  • For major issues, you can contact Graham Innes (CEO) directly

6. Review Your Instructions

If your frustration stems from a task not being completed or your instructions were not followed we kindly ask that you go back and review your instructions first to ensure they are clear before raising it with one of our operation managers.


We encourage closed-loop communication at Smiles as a technique to avoid miscommunications.

The Link Between Productivity and Employee Happiness

We do everything we can on our end to inspire happiness in our employees from ping-pong tables to summer parties, free lunch, transport, and more…spreading smiles is what we do best. 


We know that having happy employees is extremely important for the survival and performance of any organization. 

Happier employees work harder, work better together in teams, and are generally more productive. 

Try these tips and be sure to let us know if, and how, they affected your team’s productivity.