Celebrating Halloween at Smiles On Demand 2021

Celebrating Halloween at Smiles On Demand 2021

Halloween hit different this year!

You can still feel the good vibes buzzing in the air at Smiles On Demand.

Here’s why:

When our employees choose Smiles to build a worthwhile and meaningful career, we want them to be excited, motivated, and happy. So we do everything we can to show them how much their work is valued, from above-average salaries to benefits and perks like lunch and transport.

We’re well known for celebrating our success whether that’s in the form of Summer or Christmas parties, business lunch outs, or giving back, we LOVE to show our appreciation and enjoy the moment – it’s in our nature!

Smiles Dumaguete Summer Party

But when the COVID-19 pandemic hit all of the fun stuff had to come to a grinding halt in order for us to keep our employees safe and operations running 24/7.

Thanks to the incredible teams that we have at both of our office locations we were able to do just that…and then some!

Our success in the last year is a testament to Filipino resilience, our ability to pull together, and the level of service we can offer.

Despite all of the restrictions, social distancing measures, face masks, and hand sanitizing stations sprung on our employees virtually overnight our positivity and resilience prevail!

Smiles’ determination to offer unrivalled customer service and back-office support has been unwavering throughout.

And it’s our people that make everything possible.

We’re so proud of what our fast-growing and friendly teams have achieved in the last 18 months.

With most of our employees now vaccinated at Smiles On Demand, we are cautiously and carefully bringing back the FUN, with a capital F.

Smiles On Demand

…Starting with HALLOWEEN!

Halloween at Smiles On Demand 2021

Employees were invited to dress up to work (if they wanted to).

And WOW, they sure did bring the spook!

Check out some of the incredible costumes below.

Not only that but, of course, we had to creep it real and give our office spaces a scary makeover too!

Go big or go home, right?

We’ll be updating this post with the winners of the best-dressed award soon! Stay tuned.

Have your say below.

Don’t forget to let us know which outfits were your favourite in the comments section below.

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