Healthcare BPO Growth & Forecast for 2021 and Beyond.

Healthcare BPO Growth & Forecast for 2021 and Beyond.

Since the pandemic, BPO healthcare demand has skyrocketed.

Not surprising when you think of the many challenges healthcare providers are facing today.

Their work can often be hindered by the administrative elements of the process.

At Smiles, we offer customized solutions to help improve efficiency and organisation.

With the help of the Filipino BPO market, more healthcare providers than ever are improving the quality of their service and boosting financial performance.

Need help enhancing patient satisfaction, and reducing your administrative costs?

Smiles can help, contact us today to set up a call.

Healthcare One Of The Fastest Growing BPO Sectors

Prior to the outbreak, the Philippines was already established as a leading offshore/nearshore location for health care services delivery.

With an abundance of quality universities, the Philippines boasts a consistent stream of highly-skilled medical professionals.

Numbers which are also set to increase according to demand.

In its November 2019 assessment, IBPAP projected revenue growth in the segment of 7.3-10.8 per cent through 2022, as well as revenue growth of 7.3-12.3 per cent in gaming and animation. 

healthcare BPO

This compares to the projected revenue growth of 3.3-7.4% in contact centres over the same period.

“As the Covid-19 pandemic raises global demand for health care services and home entertainment, it is reasonable to expect that growth in these segments could be even higher than previously predicted,” said OBG.

Customer Service Jobs Projected to Decrease in The Short Term?

It has been speculated that with people all over the world being asked to “stay home” that there is a possibility for the number of customer service roles to see a decrease in the short-term.

At Smiles, looking at the stats, we do not to believe this to be evident thus far.

… of course, that could change.

healthcare BPO

However, for now the world is functioning largely online.

Which means customers are online, shopping 24/7.

We believe both dedicated professional roles (such as doctors, lawyers) and customer service or back-office roles, to all see an increase in the coming months.

Increased Filipino Government Support

Healthcare Information Management Association of the Philippines (HIMAP) officials are calling for more government support in order to help the BPO industry reach our aspirational growth targets.

We expect more technical innovations such as telehealth, and systems that allow, hospitals, clinics, and insurance agencies to interact and share data with each other to begin unfolding.

These problems are not unique to the Philippines, they are experienced worldwide.

However, right now, there is a huge push for consolidated data and a belief that it can, and will be done.

It’s just a matter of time, of which, the pandemic has speeded up the process.

The direction, initiative, and promotion of open data policy grow stronger every day.

dedicated professionals

Roselle Gomez, Risk Assurance Partner at PwC Philippines, said other countries have already developed advanced healthcare information systems.

In China, she said, Tencent has already developed a medical card which links information on prescriptions, medical records, and doctors’ appointments with drug stores, which allows them to swiftly confirm doses and other vital information, improving the experience of patients. 

Gomez also noted Alibaba has developed a digital epidemic prevention system, integrated with information on public transport, where the public can inquire if they were exposed to infected persons.

In short, watch this space!

Remove the Burden of Your Healthcare Back Office

At Smiles our healthcare BPO services include:

  • Medical Data Entry
  • Medical Billing Services 
  • Medical Insurance Claims Processing
  • Medical Coding (ICD, CPT, etc)
  • Membership Service and Management

and more.

Prepared for The Worst of The Pandemic

Of course, it is important to note that we are still in the midst of the pandemic and together we must all do what we can to overcome the challenges ahead.

At, Smiles we are prepared for the worst of the pandemic.

Keeping our employees safe is our utmost priority.

That’s why at both our office location our teams are all complying with new health and safety protocols.


However, local stay at home orders is a possibility all over of the world right now.

At Smiles, we are proud to tell you we are prepared and can guarantee a continuity of service no matter what.

We already transitioned to working from home once before, and we are prepared, if needed, to do it effectively again.

With state-of-the-art systems in place we are confident when it comes to managing connectivity, and security concerns.

To discuss in detail, please contact and set up a call with our CEO, Graham Innes today.