How to Show Pride in The Work That You Do

How to Show Pride in The Work That You Do

It’s Pride Month!

At Smiles we hope you take pride in your work because we certainly take great pride in having you as part of our team. 

No matter your sexuality, gender, or colour, at Smiles On Demand, we believe in #equality in all senses of the word. 




Wishing you all a bright and colourful LGBTQ Pride month!

Pssst – stay tuned we’re having a special PRIDE event at both our office locations on the 27th of June 2021! 

As part of our PRIDE series this month here’s our top tips on how YOU can take more pride in your work. 

1. Think of your Interactions with Customers as An Opportunity to Showcase Your Abilities to Them

Yes, unfortunately, we all know that not all customers are created equal.

There are nice ones, not so nice ones, funny ones, angry ones etc. 

Do not discriminate based on their behaviour.

Instead, show them what you’re made of. 

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Exercise your training and turn that frown for them upside down. 

At the end of the conversation, the goal is to leave them happy.

If you’ve done that, you cannot help but feel proud.

It comes naturally. 

It’s a great feeling. Revel in it! 

Take PRIDE in it.

2. Going Above and Beyond Makes You Feel Proud

You’ve heard the saying “it’s lonely along the extra mile”, right?

Well it’s true.

Not everybody goes it.

But those who do?

They thrive!

It’s karma full circle.

Don’t just simply complete the job.

Try to make it an experience for both you and customer. 

It makes it WORTH experiencing. 

You make a difference with every work task you complete.

Doing this not only will help you feel more pride, you’ll get more recognition, and enjoy the job you do even more. 

3. Take Responsibility & Problem Solve 

If you do something wrong, a proud employee does not blame others for their mistake.  

Instead, they actually own it. 

At the end of the day we’re all human and we all make mistakes.

Taking responsibility is the mature thing to do. 

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Show your team that it’s not what happens but how you react to it that truly matters.

Try to do whatever you can to solve the problem and reach the optimum result.

4. Proud Employees Recognise That They Represent The Organisation They Work For 

For a happy life, you should want to work for the company you work for. 

There are so many questions you can ask yourself to make sure you’re working for the right company, including: 

Does this company align with more own beliefs? 

Do I like the people I work with? 

Is this a role in which I can grow? 

Is my work recognised or rewarded? 

When you work for an organisation you’re proud to be a part of, it shows! 

Proud employees know that they represent the organisation and so, they try to represent it in a positive manner. 

5. Share Your Experiences 

Proud employees have a lot to tell about their experience. 

They are specific about the work they did, and how they did. 

Inspiring others in their team or outside of work brings them pride. 

They are not boastful in their work but they are confident in presenting their work to others.


It gives them a sense of accomplishment and confidence which is necessary to strive forward in a competitive industry.

 Moreover, they don’t just simply state their job duties, they also describe how well they applied their skills in the work that they do and how it has been beneficial to them and to the customers.