International Women’s Day at Smiles On Demand 2022

International Women’s Day at Smiles On Demand 2022

This Women’s Day we celebrated the bold, utterly brilliant, and badass achievements of the women on our team, in true Smiles style!

On this day (and every day) we’re reminded that we ALL have a role to play in breaking the mould and building a more #genderequal world free of bias.

A world that is free of #stereotypes and #discrimination! A world that’s #diverse, #equitable, and #inclusive.

Gender Parity at Smiles On Demand

Gender equality its at the heart of everything we do at Smiles including pay and the people that make up our teams.

Help us #breakthebias by sharing your thoughts, favourite people, books, podcasts, playlists or blogs around #genderequality in the comments below; let’s get the conversation going and learn from each other.

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