Labor Shortages? Transforming the Great Resignation into The Great Hire (2021)

Labor Shortages? Transforming the Great Resignation into The Great Hire (2021)

If you’re experiencing labor shortages, you are not alone!

Many countries are in the midst of what they’re calling “The Great Resignation”.

As we navigate the ongoing pandemic together employees around the world are reassessing what they want from life, and what truly matters to them.

For many people, returning to the office or workplace is not a priority.

Consequently, lots of businesses (particularly those in the hospitality industry) are understaffed and overwhelmed.

A Demand for Increased Pay and Added Benefits

According to one study on labor shortages, approximately one in five employees reported leaving their jobs in 2020.


Most were due to pay and benefits concerns, with unsatisfactory pay being the top reason. 

While many businesses do their best to transform pay and benefits there is no denying that multiple lockdowns later and what was a standstill economy at times has taken its toll.

As the world begins recouping lost finances it’s not always possible to meet new demands for pay increases.

The result?

A massive drive for offshore talent.

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Another common factor for labor shortages is people not wanting to work unsociable hours.

Our location in the Philippines and our 24/7 service means we are positioned perfectly to take care of whatever hours are required to get the job done.

Strategically, keeping as many front-of-house employees should always be a priority for you and your business.

They’re the driving force of the business!

Yet, many clients of Smiles are making space for new growth by outsourcing the aspects of their business that are:

  1. Not location dependent
  2. Free up the most time
  3. Save money
  4. Improve effenciency

At Smiles We Marry The Best of The East and The West

At Smiles, we believe we have the perfect balance of Western and Eastern culture at both of our office locations.

Our CEO Graham Innes (British) and COO Jane Innes (Filipino) have done an incredible job of marrying the best traits of both the Western and Eastern world at Smiles.

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We build talented and dedicated teams who are driven to deliver while simultaneously providing expert management and oversight.

Elements that contribute to our strong and unique infrastructure include:

  • Dedicated relievers – at a ratio of 5-7 to 1, to protect you with fully-trained team members to cover absences and sickness.
  • Free training – whenever someone is added to your team, spend two weeks training them at no charge-you only start paying us once your team is up- and-running.
  • Serious security measures – we’re dedicated to the best data security – that’s why our compliance team monitors every employee to keep them compliant with your policies and any non-disclosure agreements.

At Smiles, we are the adaptable, competent, and consistent BPO you need during these ever-changing times.

In terms of success, the last year has been our best yet!

You can read all about it here.

For more information on how we work visit our website.

We Offer a Dynamic Workplace For Anyone Who Is Driven to Deliver

Our unique approach to business and incentivising our teams is always fun, fresh, and sustainable.

Some of our unique perks include:

  • A higher salary than competing BPOs in the region.
  • 30% monthly bonus based on employee performance.
  • HMO health plan and PAGIBIG/Philhealth contributions.
  • Free transport to and from our offices.
  • Paid vacation and sick leave.
  • Free lunch every day in our canteen.
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Your only agreement is with us, and we’ll employ the members of your team.

As a result, you get a full-time team without the legal hassle and complication of employing them directly.

Filipino Resiliency

Resiliency – we’ve spoken about it before on our blog, and you can read more about it here “5 things to know about work with teams in the Philippines”.

In the worst possible times, Filipinos have shown remarkable resiliency and an ability to bounce back from the unthinkable.

History has shown how conflicts and environmental challenges have pushed Filipinos to despair, but in the face of adversity, they remain a shining example of resiliency.

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Instead of wallowing in ill-fate, we manage to pick ourselves up and smile, rising above the challenges in front of us.

As a result, many of us felt somewhat prepared for the pandemic and the challenges that came with it.

As the Philippines BPO industry booms, we are more determined and inspired than ever to help businesses around the world get back on track.

Close-Knit Culture

While talking to new clients and reading studies on labor shortages in the US we’ve found another contributing factor to be a fear of polarizing tensions in the workplace.

For colleagues who haven’t been in the same space for many of the year’s most newsworthy events everything from elections, to social advocacy to even vaccine status will be suddenly up for discussion.

In the Philippines, we’re extremely close-knit and have always prided ourselves on an open and honest dialogue.

We welcome differences in opinion because, without it, we think that life would be boring!

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It’s one of the many cultural nuances that play in our favor when it comes to the work that we do.

There are many reasons for labor shortages right now, and it’s different for every business.

If you’re interested in discussing effective solutions with our team please fill out the contact form below and we will be in touch to set up a free no-obligation call at a time that suits you.

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