Celebrating Mother’s Day at Smiles On Demand (2021)

Celebrating Mother’s Day at Smiles On Demand (2021)

We’re still revelling in the love and positivity from Mother’s Day in the Philippines.

Strong mothers raise strong children, who make a strong community.

It all starts with them!

This special day was a great opportunity for us to celebrate and say thank you to all the hard-working mothers at Smiles on Demand.

Cakes and Carnations for Mother’s Day at Smiles On Demand

Fun fact:  carnations are the traditional Mother’s Day flower in the Philippines! 

Mother's Day

In the old days, schoolchildren used to wear ‘Cadena de Amor (pink carnations) on their chest in honour of Mother’s Day? 

If your mother was no longer with you, then you would wear a white carnation to show respect to those who have passed. 

The Hardworking Mom’s at Smiles On Demand – Thank You!

And without further ado, it gives me great pleasure to introduce to just some of the hardworking mom’s at Smiles On Demand.

Superheros in their own right!

Mother's Day

Due to the pandemic, this past year has been difficult for everyone.

However, we are in particular adoration of all of the mom’s working at Smiles.

How they’ve held it together for their families, while simultaneously striving hard at work to drive our success as a team is nothing short of amazing!

Mother's Day

Thank you for being here – we couldn’t do it without you!

In The Philippines, Mothers Are Given the Title of “Ilaw ng Tahana”, Meaning “Light of the House” 

Unlike other cultures Mother’s Day isn’t just for the mom, it is a celebration for the whole family to show respect and gratitude. 

It’s inclusive of grandmothers, aunts, cousins, and other women in the family who are also mothers. 

More power to the ladies – we love it! 

Mother's Day

The Confusion Around When Mothers Day Should ACTUALLY Be Celebrated

If this isn’t a great example of Filipino politics I don’t know what is! 

Legally, Mother’s day is in December. 

Over history, there’s been a lot of back and forth when deciding the actual date. 

Former President Ferdinand Marcos signed a proclamation in 198- declaring the first Monday of December to be BOTH Mother’s Day and Father’s day! 

What’s that about? 

At least both the mom and dad deserve their own day, right?

Mother's Day

Then, the next president Cory Aquino changed the date to align with the American tradition of having Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May and Father’s Day to be the third Sunday of June. 

And to make things even more confusing in 1988 President Joseph Estrada changed it back to the original dates in December. 

But by this point seems like no one was paying attention, because we all still celebrate it on the second Sunday of May. 

We believe this to be because we are made up of such a diverse mix of global cultures, with a heavy influence of American culture following American colonialism. 

For us, we’re simply just happy to celebrate such a special occasion and May feels like the better month to do it! 🙂

“A Successful Mother, Like You is Not the One That Had Never Struggled, You Are the One That Never Gives Up Despite The Struggles”

Mother's Day

Thank you for reading! Until next time.

Stayed tuned for more behind the scenes at Smiles On Demand.