Addressing the 5 Most Common Offshoring Myths in 2022

Addressing the 5 Most Common Offshoring Myths in 2022

Offshoring myths unpacked…

1. “Local jobs will be taken away”

30 years ago, this may have rung true, but geological boundaries are being redefined in an increasingly globalised world.

It’s very likely that someone in your local area works for a country beyond the shore of their place of residence.

For us in 2022, “local jobs” refer to those that are essential for the local community to undertake in order for the proper functioning of that specific area: roles such as lady behind the till in your local shop, the postman, or mechanic etc.

All of which cannot (or should not) be outsourced.

In the BPO industry, most of the activity happens online.

Leveraging time-consuming tasks offshore can often make room for new, local roles, that drive the business forward.

2. “Offshoring is only good for minor functions”

Offshoring has become synonymous with customer service, back office, and tech roles.

Yet, at Smiles, we’re rewriting the narrative that cutting costs doesn’t equate to low-paid, low retention, unskilled roles.

Due to our strategic position in Sibulan and Dumaguete, we have access to a steady flow of high-qualified graduates from some of the country’s most established universities.

We hire dedicated professionals for roles in legal, accounting, finance, health and so much more – offering them an exciting and dynamic career working with clients from around the world!

3. “There’s just no time to do it”

Many companies may think that offshoring is a long-winded and arduous solution when in reality, the most innovative and respected BPOs have the systems and processes already in place to onboard you fastly and efficiently while removing risk at every stage.

At Smiles, from understanding your needs to building your team and endless optimizations your two-week training period is on us – because we understand that your time taken to understand how it works is investment enough.

4. “It is not something my business can implement”

Historically, offshoring was once exclusive to top-tier companies. This has made other businesses wary of considering it a viable strategy for their growth. Believing their current circumstances will not benefit from offshoring, it is immediately overlooked.

To give you some insight into the prevalence of outsourcing in 2022:

  • 29% of businesses with fewer than 50 employees outsource
  • and 66% with 50 or more employees outsource

Whether you are a medium, large, or listed company, offshoring can be tailored to help you expand without massive overheads.

Your offshore team could help your business invest in new projects that were once impossible due to budget restraints.

Imagine being able to reduce costs between 75% and 80% while still operating on a higher level than your competitors!

5. “A team in another country will be hard to monitor”

We understand that the distance between your offshore team and your local team might cause anxiety for some business owners.

It’s true; depending on the BPO, the output could be hard to monitor.

However, at Smiles, we pride ourselves on providing expert oversight for our managed teams in the Philippines. You’ll have an operations manager, team leaders and your agents all working hand in hand to deliver world-class service for your business.

During the hiring process at Smiles, we round up qualified clients for your needs, and ultimately you have the final say and ultimate control over your team. The result is a highly motivated offshore team that your company widely accepts as an integral part of continued growth.

In addition to this, our compliance teams monitor your team’s dashboards 24/7 to ensure every team member is performing at the level you’d expect with Smiles incentives and bonuses to reward your team for their hard work along the way.

We encourage our clients to visit us in the Phils as often as they’d like to see first-hand how we work, get to know their team better, and share critical business updates.

We do everything we can to dispel this myth – trust and communication are fundamental!

Good management, innovative infrastructure, and efficient processes are all significant indicators to look out for during your search for the perfect BPO partner for you.

We hope this blog helped you understand the origins of some myths you might have heard about the BPO industry.

At Smiles, we offer a free no-obligation call with our CEO to discuss your needs, share how we work and what we do, and how we can deliver a tailored service to meet your requirements.

Reach out to us today to explore your options.

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