7 Reasons to Outsource Your Customer Support This Christmas

7 Reasons to Outsource Your Customer Support This Christmas

As this quarter comes to a close…the C words deserves a mention. Christmas.

Yes, the holiday season is fast approaching!

Can you believe it?

…2020, a year I’m sure we can all agree, we won’t be forgetting any time soon. 

Christmas is known as the merriest time of year , but if you’re a business owner, it’s also probably the busiest. 

Online Christmas Shopping Set to Skyrocket?

And this year? Well, at Smiles, we’re predicting one of the busiest on record!


Think about it… lots of people might be hoping to treat themselves to a nice new sparkly outfit, right?

But thanks to COVID-19 a large number of countries have restrictions both inside and outdoor.

For example, in the UK, shops are open but you can’t just waltz in and start trying things on. Nope. And who knows when that will change…

As businesses and citizens do whatever they can to minimize the spread of the virus it shouldn’t come as a surprise that more people than ever will be doing the majority of their Christmas shopping online.

This means more returns, more exchanges, more delivery drama, stock issues…the list goes on.

Opportunity For Other Businesses to Thrive Too

And it’s not just e-commerce at the forefront of the action, there’s lots of opportunity for accounting, recruiting, and other businesses to thrive this time of year too.

To learn more about if, and how, your business could benefit from outsourcing some of its operations, please fill out the form at the bottom of this blog and we’ll be in touch ASAP to set up a call with our CEO, Graham Innes.

Regardless of whether you’re a new business or old…if you’re ready to meet the final challenges 2020 has to bring us, grow your business, and have a merry ol’ stress-free Christmas keep reading.

1. Increased Call Volume at Christmas

At Smiles, we have the experience, expertise, and technology to predict high volumes of calls.

Our data, tracking, and other statistics can help predict peak and periods and you will have your talented pool of professionals on-demand to handle business effectively. 

2. Having Enough Agents

Hiring seasonal staff can be expensive not to mention unreliable.

Uniquely, at Smiles, we will also provide relief agents who will be fully trained alongside your dedicated agents – dramatically reducing your risk and guaranteeing consistent availability.

For every ten members of your team, we provide one trained reliever.

If you have less than 10 employees, your relievers will be shared with other teams.

The oscars christmas party

These agents will be regularly involved with your account to maintain their expertise, but only become chargeable if they step in to replace one of your usual agents in the event of:

  • Vacation
  • Illness
  • Resignation

With expert agents ready at a moment’s notice, there are no unexpected costs or gaps in productivity.

Just an always-available team delivering the standard of service you require.

Relievers can also be used to supplement existing capacity.

For example, you can schedule a reliever to join the team for a few days during busy times, or for one-off projects that need additional resources or support.

3. Meeting Your Christmas Needs

At Smiles, we provide customer service and back-office support for a wide range of clients around the world who all have different needs.

Our experience, expertise, and 24/7 operations allow us to quickly pivot business to meet your needs at a moment’s notice. 

4. Ensuring Efficiency

During the holiday season, you will want to be able to deal with customers and complaints as quickly and resourcefully as possible.

At Smiles, our agents are uniquely qualified to provide customer support efficiently and can offer support over a range of platforms beyond the phone, including email, social media, and other digital communications.

This allows them to quickly deal with customers, escalate problems when necessary, and provide effective solutions.

5. Helps with Customer Retention

The importance of customer retention can’t be overstated.

As important as it is to seek new customers, current customers have already shown that they will spend money on your products.

Keeping them maintains revenue, and through introducing new products, current customers can also increase revenue for your business.

Outsourcing your customer support provides the attention your current customers need to stay happy.

It also provides an avenue to upsell to these customers, with whom trust has already been established.

6. Helps You Get Ahead of The Competition

Competition is fierce during the festive season.

By outsourcing, you will be better equipped for more business while keeping stress-levels at a minimum. What’s not to love about that?

It means you and your team can focus your energy on the creative aspects of the business that will drive you forward; such as PR and marketing opportunities. 

7. Boost Your Reputation

By creating the space your business needs to handle the busiest time of year with ease, you have the potential to catapult your business to the next level.

Solidify your reputation and enter the New Year with a world of possibility at your fingertips.

Huge Influx Of Customers Pending…

To summarise, if you’re unprepared for the festive season, you may end up losing customers or creating a PR disaster

 At Smiles On Demand, our years of experience and expert management can help keep your business running smoothly over the Christmas holidays.

If you have any questions or thoughts please feel free to leave them in the comments section down below, we would love to hear from you.

Let the festivities commence!