Why Outsource to The Philippines?

Why Outsource to The Philippines?

Location matters! Before you make any big outsourcing decisions it’s important you choose a country with the right combination of qualities your business needs to thrive… So, if you were to outsource to the Philippines what benefits does this reap?

In this blog we’ll dive into the key factors that have earned our colorful nation it’s accolades, and explore how it’s soared to the top of rankings when it comes to ‘the best countries to outsource to’.

Everything You Need to Know About Outsourcing to The Philippines

There’s much more to it than simply reducing costs and accelerating growth.

Low livings costs and first-class education are just the beginning…

English Is The Official Language

Did you know that the Philippines is the third-largest English-speaking country in the world? 

Right now it’s home to 60 MILLION English speakers! 

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English is one of the country’s two official national languages (the other being Tagalog ), so everyone learns it at school, and it’s the official language of government, the legal system, and higher education.

We don’t just speak English, we speak it proficiently.

High Standard of Education

The Philippines boasts a 98.18% literacy rate (for context India has a 77.7% literacy rate and UK 99%).

More than 680,000 people graduate from university each year (again, for context, Australia has approx 300,000 graduates per year and the US has approximately 3 million).

Our two strategic office locations at Smiles On Demand not only position us away from the unnecessary expense of city centers they give us valuable access to the best offshore talent in the region. 

Making it extremely viable to add dedicated professionals to your team quickly when you outsource to the Philippines.

Huge Talent Pool

The most commonly outsourced roles are, of course, back-office support, and customer experience support.

However, due to the rich and deep talent pool in the Philippines adding dedicated professionals to your team has never been easier.

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You can outsource just about any role that can be performed via the internet including:

  • Medical professionals
  • Finance professionals
  • Legal professionals
  • Education professionals
  • Design & Construction professionals

and more.

You can fill these roles at levels from junior and intermediate right up to senior and Vice President levels.

Learn more about dedicated professionals to your team.

Cultural Fit

Although it’s not without its nuances, generally speaking, the Philippines has a very “westernized” culture.

This pays homage to our largely Christian population (90%) and the fact the Philippines was a former US colony.

In the bigger cities, Americans would feel right at home in our malls and restaurants.

Loyal, Honest, & Hardworking

Filipinos worldwide are often hailed for their loyalty and honesty.

We take great pride in holding ourselves accountable to our commitments!

The oscars christmas party

Stats show that when treated well we value our jobs highly and tend to stay with good employers for longer than the average American or Australian employee.

Learn more here.

Labor Costs & Low Cost Of Living

Of course, the low cost of living in the Philippines (70% less than places such as Australia and the US) enables you to dramatically reduce costs.

(It’s why the digital nomad community is thriving here in recent years…)

However, at Smiles, we don’t believe that launching an offshore team should be just about saving money.

With the right oversight, training, and incentives, you can control costs while actively improving productivity and performance.

Uniquely, at Smiles, our strategic locations and unique sustainable offices keep our overheads low meaning you pay less, while your employees keep more.

We’re passionate about poverty reduction and work to be a part of the solution and not the problem.

Not only that but included in your hourly price, our one-of-a-kind Smiles Performance Bonus program keeps employees motivated with the chance to earn up to 30% on top of their basic salary through good attendance, client satisfaction, and policy adherence.

Service-Driven Culture

Due to the bountiful beauty of this country, it’s no wonder travelers all over the world love to visit.

It’s every vacationers paradise.

For this reason, hospitality has always been a huge part of the economy here, and as a result, most existing industries are very customer service orientated.

So much so, that it’s an innate part of the culture.

A culture of customer service excellence!

Not to mention that more and more multination companies have invested in customer service training for decades, so the labor market is rich in skilled talent.

Amazon Approves

In the last few decades, with the support of government and good economic climate outsourcing success in the Philippines has skyrocketed into a billion-dollar business.

In 2018, eCommerce giants such as Amazon.com opened its first customer service center in the Philippines.

Vice president Tom Weiland exclaimed he was “excited to be investing in Cebu and working with such talented people, especially since Filipinos are known to bring high levels of experience and passion to their work.

Modern Tech Infrastruture

Get access to the very best technology available for a fraction of the cost!

At Smiles, technology plays a key role in how our agents work and we take our commitment to stability, performance and security seriously.

We have modern office space, reliable utility providers, and solid telecommunications infrastructure.

Outsource To The Philippines

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