A Responsible BPO Company You Can Feel Confident About

A Responsible BPO Company You Can Feel Confident About

If you’re looking for a responsible BPO company you can trust, look no further…

Unlike many BPOS, at Smiles we operate on a business model that focuses on responsible, sustainable, and ethical practices.

Because, at the heart of it,  we’re steadfast in helping to build a brighter future for everyone

Here’s how…

Corporate Responsibility

I know what you’re thinking…*eye roll* this is just one of those terms that too often gets loosely flung around due to the increasing pressure on corporations to “do more”, right?

We get it.

Yet, since our inception in 2012, ‘Spreading Smiles‘ was never just our motto, it’s a mantra that we’ve weaved into the fibers of our responsible business ethos.

corporate responsibility

The result?

We thrive TOGETHER… using our resources wisely to create a positive impact on our environment and our local/global communities.  

At Smiles On Demand, we’re continuously looking for new ways to improve business operations as our teams and offices grow together.

We Believe in Sustainability

Based in the Philippines, we’re proud to call this small slice of paradise our home.

 The Visayas region in particular is highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, including sea-level rise, increased frequency of extreme weather events, rising temperatures, and extreme rainfall.

At Smiles, not only is it our responsible duty to be a part of the fight against climate change, we’re passionate about sustainability inside and outside of work.


That’s why we’re an environmentally conscious firm, our offices are made out of recycled shipping containers and we source all our electricity from geothermal renewable energy!

Pretty cool, right?

Not only that, but we strive to lower our electricity consumption by only cooling office areas and locating all canteens and break areas outside on our landscaped terraces…because, let’s face, it who doesn’t like taking their break outside in the fresh air?

We Believe in Poverty Reduction

Additionally, poverty levels in the Philippines remain high – and at Smiles, we believe the most effective way to reduce that poverty level is through viable, long-term employment opportunities.

We provide a broad range of roles at varying levels of expertise, from graduates to seasoned professionals, along with strong education and training programs to embed valuable new skills.


Our team members all earn above-average salaries with the added benefit of our one-of-a-kind Smiles Performance Bonus program, designed to keep employees motivated with the chance to earn up to 30% on top of their basic salary through good attendance, client satisfaction and policy adherence.

The best part is that there is plenty of room for growth and lots of opportunity to progress, building a meaningful and worthwhile career.

That’s why most people who start with Smiles tend to stick with us for the long term.

We also love partnering with local charities and organizations in our community, sharing our success and giving back wherever and whenever we can.

We Believe in Quality of Life

Creating a better quality of life in the Philippines means bringing opportunities to everyone – not just those living in bigger cities or closer to established businesses.

We work in line with the government’s inclusive growth strategies, helping to bring growth to the provinces while decongesting the much-overloaded cities, such as Manila.

Our offices are strategically positioned in Dumaguete and Guilhulgan, close to respected universities to ensure a steady flow of fresh talent.

responsible bpo company

At Smiles we’re very aware and grateful that our people make everything we do here possible, that’s why since 2019, Smiles has been committed to paying both employer and employee contributions for PhilHealth (along with PAGIBIG).

We also provide HMO (private healthcare) to all employees because there are things PhilHealth can’t yet cover, such as private hospital rooms, annual checkups, and preventative treatments. 

To further show our gratitude, let’s just say, at Smiles, we know how to party!

Summer parties…oscar-themed Christmas parties…you name it, we’re all for it.

We believe it’s super important to get our teams together regularly to share our appreciation for one another…and mainly just to have some well-deserved fun!

Other employee perks at Smiles include:

  1. Free transport (pick up and drop off to and from the office)
  2. Free meals
  3. Free Netflix

Is BPO Outsourcing Controversial?

Unfortunately, not all BPO companies were created equal…

As a result, BPO is not at rest from critics and naysayers who state that BPO is synonymous with corporate irresponsibility

From what we’ve seen from others in the industry this is largely due to poor management and bad business ethics resulting in:

ping pong smiles on demand
  • Lack of respect and quality standard of business process and products
  • Poor labor conditions and low wages
  • Focus on profit with little concern for the socio-economic well-being

That’s why when choosing your trusted outsourcing partner it’s important to do your homework.

Smiles On Demand – Your Responsible BPO Partner

At Smiles, our expertise in management and oversight enables us to deliver European and American standard business output.

We offer:

  • Competitive market positioning and optimal organizational strategies in terms of flexibility and security.
  • Adaptable and tailored solutions that correspond to your individual needs and resources.
  • Reduced costs.
  • Increased company knowledge and customer-experience.
responsible bpo company

Schedule a call in with our CEO Graham Innes today to discuss your business needs and discover how we can help you.

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Until then!