Spreading Smiles & Helping Children in The Philippines

Spreading Smiles & Helping Children in The Philippines

Since 2012, Smiles On Demand has proudly worked with local communities and organizations to help create a brighter future for everyone living in the Philippines.

 Widespread poverty is still a major obstacle to children reaching their full potential. Young boys and girls frequently miss out on the proper care and education they deserve. 

Smiles On Demand Orphanage Visit

However, more hope is on the horizon thanks to incredible organizations such as, The ‘Friendship Home Foundation’ in Baragay, Jawa, who are dedicated to helping children who have been abandoned and neglected. They provide high-impact, low-cost care, and continually work to put a stop to preventable deaths. The Foundation prepares the kids for school, transforms them into lifelong learners, provides a healthy start, the opportunity to learn, and protects them from harm along the way

They wouldn’t be able to do any of this if it wasn’t for the support of community sponsors. 

Friendship Home Foundation

Our mission at Smiles On Demand is to spread as many smiles as possible around the globe not just for our clients, but in our communities too. Our people here make everything we do possible. 

It’s why we’re eager to give back and share our blessings with those who need them most.  It’s important companies here do their part in helping to create a healthy and safe environment where kids can grow and learn. They are the future of the Philippines! 

Social Responsibility Day

 On October 5th 2019,  we rounded up as many bundles of gifts, games, food, medical supplies, toiletries, and magic tricks as we could gather, before heading down to Jawa, to visit the foundation and provide an afternoon of fun-filled activities

The Friendship Foundation is a small residential home to around 20 young children. We spent some time getting to know the children, playing with their new toys, before watching the magic show which they found particularly entertaining. 

Smiles On Demand

After speaking with our team, many employees noted that the trip brought back the “kid” in them and they enjoyed making the children feel loved and cared for. 

It was an emotional day that will leave a handprint on our hearts forever.

Smiles On Demand

Social Responsibility Day here at Smiles inspires us to strive to new heights in the business so that we’re able to give back as much as we possibly can, helping more and more local communities to thrive.