The Ultimate Guide To Outsourcing Tasks for Startups

The Ultimate Guide To Outsourcing Tasks for Startups

As a self-funded or crowdfunded startup, being savvy with your cash is, of course, at the top of your agenda. 

 Are you ready to maximise the impact of your expenditure? 

Avoiding The Startup ‘Trough Of Sorrow’

As a pioneer team member, in the beginning, you might try to do everything at the same time due to limited budget and resources.  

Sound familiar?

However, even the most promising startups or SMEs can’t do everything on their own, and it’s often a recipe for disaster when they try.

The fact you’re here reading this signals that you’re ready for some expert help in the aspects of your business that would be better outsourced. 

At Smiles, we’ve served many successful startups in the last 8 years, and here are our top insights into how to gift your business the flexibility it needs to flourish and scale quickly.

“Do What You Do Best Outsource The Rest” – Peter Drucker

Often hailed as the wisest philosophers in business, Peter Drucker believed that companies should be engaged in what he called “front room activities” only (the activities critical to supporting its core business). 

And that “back room activities” should be handed over to other companies, for whom these tasks are the front room activities.

STEP 1: Categorize Your Front Room Activities

It’s time to define what is strategic, and internal.

Ask yourself:

  1. What is the likelihood this task will bring competitive advantage?
  2. Do you have the strong internal capability needed to conduct the task?

Ultimately, the list of your front room activities should bring the most value when done internally. 

For example, a law firm’s front room activities will be to engage in the practice of law, therefore they might define backroom activities to be things such as admin and secretarial tasks in order to allow in-house staff to have more time and flexibility to complete work that is required of them. 

Make it your mission to really get clear on your front room tasks or what we like to call at Smiles “your zone of genius“.

Accept it & own it.

STEP 2: Decide What Aspects of Your Business Would Be Better Outsourced 

A key element of startup success is to outsource those functions which are NOT strategic but which must be performed to manage the business operations.

In most instances at a lower cost and higher quality than you could replicate yourself.

Ask yourself…”What is proving to be a drain on your business and your team’s energy?”

Most Commonly Outsourced Aspects of Startup Businesses Include:

Human Resources

  • Recruitment
  • Employee Admin and Management
  • Other Clerical Tasks, etc

Customer Experience Support

  • Voice Calls
  • Email 
  • Messenger Apps
  • Social Media Channels, etc
customer service outsourcing

Data Entry and Processing

  • Analysis
  • Content Management
  • Data Monitoring
  • CMS Admin
  • ECommerce Admin etc
  • Bookkeeping Services 
  • Accounts & Finance, etc

In our experience startups are often driven by a vision, and more often than not led by creatives.

Take Steve Jobs, for example, he didn’t know technology… he didn’t know software…. yet went on to thrive in the technology industry because he accepted and owned HIS zone of genius!

By offshoring tasks such as customer service to a team that is comprised of ‘people-persons’, you’re feeding their zone of genius while simultaneously boosting the productivity of your internal team.

STEP 3: Find Your Expert Partner That’s a Good Fit

When assessing potential BPO partners be sure to do your homework. 

Remember – bigger doesn’t always equate to better quality output, especially in the BPO industry. 

Ask yourself:

What do they stand for? 

How do they treat their employees? 

What do their employees have to say about them? 


Your values and vision are what have shaped your startup thus far and will continue to guide its philosophy, culture, and decision making.

Your BPO partner should also be aligned with your values as they will be an extension of your business

Look for an organization already delivering your business verticals so you can be assured they have the industry knowledge to meet the challenges of your business sector. 

And finally, do they demonstrate the agility and scalability to meet demand and to deliver the same levels of service for your customers as your grow? 

At Smiles, our front room activities consist of: 

  • Back Office Support (data entry, content moderation, eCommerce admin, background checks, CMS admin and much more).  
  • Customer Experience Support (providing customer service, handling inbound sales, managing dispatch operations, receptionists, customer support, etc). 

We combine the best offshore talent with expert management and oversight.

  • It’s cost-effective and risk-free
  • Get 2 weeks of free training with no commitments
  • Enjoy simple hourly rates to make budgeting quick and easy

And much more!

Speak directly to our CEO about your startup needs – and how we can create a tailored service that delivers.

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