4 Types of Shopper and Their Customer Service Preferences

4 Types of Shopper and Their Customer Service Preferences

In this blog, discover the 4 types of shopper you may encounter in your business and their customer service preferences (informed by behavioural psychologists).

Understanding how your customers make their purchasing decisions enables us to provide world-class tailored solutions that meet and exceed their needs.

Great customer service = happy customers.

Happy customers = improved service, 5-star reputation, and excellent retention rates.

There’s a lot of interesting research that behavioural psychologists have been conducting in recent years in a bid to uncover more information on the cognitive processes that explain why people buy what they buy, when they buy them, and even how they prefer to make the purchase.

As well as how customers respond to various forms of marketing and customer support strategies.

Ready to delve into the findings?

Improve Sales and Your Customer Relationships

Take a look at the four different types of shopper according to their purchasing styles below.

Decisive Buyers

Decisive buyers know exactly what they want from a brand or a product when they buy it.

This means they are more likely to make quick buying decisions.

Oftentimes it’s a necessity for the customer, which is why the price is always the secondary consideration and not the first.

different types of shopper

They are much less likely to pay attention to the tiny details of product and will be much more concerned about whether it will do the job or not.

For decisive buyers our customer service tips include:

  • An undeniably good gurantee policy.
  • Streamlined purchasing process and customer service availability. Decisive buyers HATE delays.
  • Avoid discussing personal opinions with the customer. Stick to facts and evidence when talking about a brand and what it offers.
  • Phone customer service and live chat tends to be most effective.

Trend-Focused Shoppers

These types of shopper tend to always have their eyes on the latest products, styles, and trends, meaning that they use your site or shop often.

Once they’ve purchased an item they can’t wait for it to arrive, use it and show it off in some way.

Our customer service tips for trend-focused shoppers include:

different types of shopper
  • Trustworthy delivery service that enables tracking. Be flexible with your returns if and where possible.
  • Loyalty deals.
  • Strong social media presence and omnichannel support.

Process-Oriented Consumers

Process-oriented customers put a focus on who is behind the product, and what it stands for.

These types of shopper are on the rise in 2021 as consumers shift to a more ‘mindful’ approach.

They zoom into the small details to assess thoroughly whether the product is worth their hard-earned cash based on the benefits.

Data suggests that they don’t rush decisions they take their time when purchasing.

different types of shopper

Here are our top consumer service tips for dealing with process-oriented consumers:

  • Make sure every possible FAQ regarding the products manufacturing process has been answered and is available on your website and to your CSRs.
  • Give customers enough time to think about their purcashes and decide. Don’t rush them.
  • Be honest and open with your customers.
  • Assure continuous after-sales customer care.
  • Make sure you CSRs are equipped with the knowledge they need about your brand. For example how it works, why it was created, and its many benefits.
  • Phone customer support, as well as quick-response email or live chat always work great!

The Throrough Researcher

AKA the sceptic consumer.

Similarly to the process-oriented customer, they do look into the smallest details about a product, however, they go one step further.

They don’t always trust the reliability and accuracy of the data presented to them (who can blame them in today’s current world) and therefore apply an almost scientific approach to assess their truthfulness.

They value trust above all else and NEVER go with a brand that has a shady reputation.

different types of shopper

When delivering customer support to this type of client we recommend:

  • Back up your facts wherever you can. Make sure everything is correct, high-quality, organised and evidence-based.
  • Avoid grammatical errors and typos.
  • Offer phone support along with your other channels, customers HATE it when they can’t get through to a human.

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog about the different types of shoppers and customers you’re likely dealing with.

If you have a question about how we can improve your customer service support we invite you set up a call with our CEO, Graham Innes today to learn more about how we can help at Smiles On Demand.