How we Build
your Team

from first discussions to the first day of work

At Smiles, we’ve helped clients of every shape and size launch successful teams in the Philippines. We’ve reduced costs, unlocked new efficiency, and become a local employer of choice.

Through it all, we’ve created a structured, proven process and a way of working that delivers results. But what really makes us special is our adaptability - and how our structure comes secondary to getting the results, performance and productivity you need.

Fast and
Efficient on Boarding,

driven by you and your business

Understand your Needs

Everything starts with you, in direct conversation with our CEO. We spend more time becoming experts in everything you do - so we can create a bespoke proposal that fits your business and budget.


Building a Team

We hand-select and pre-screen a shortlist of people with the expertise it takes to meet your requirements, with interviews conducted by you or our CEO. Then you make the final selection to guarantee the right match.


Endless Optimisation

Once you’re up-and-running, we don’t stop. With regular calibration meetings and 24/7 support, we’ll always find new ways to optimise performance and productivity for your long-term growth and success.

Removing your Risk

at every stage

Pre-employment screening at the most senior level. No-cost training periods. Convenient compliance. At Smiles, we think every business should be able to get the advantage of an offshore workforce without the risk or uncertainty.

Getting the Best performance

from your offshore team

We don’t believe that launching an offshore team should be just about saving money. With the right oversight, training and incentives, you can control costs while actively improving productivity and performance.

A predictable billing workflow

that makes good business sense

Like everything we do, our billing process is designed for simplicity. No clutter. No confusion.
Just a clear month-to-month process that makes tracking costs easier.

Advance Fee

Let us find new operational efficiency and handle your back office processes on any scale. With Smiles, speed and quality finally go hand-in-hand.

Simple Billing

Every employee dedicated to your account is charged at a fixed hourly rate in your local currency.

Monthly Invoices

We’ll send an invoice at the start of each month for the previous month’s work - and give you a discount on your next invoice if you pay within 7 days.