transparent pricing

One of the most important considerations for business owners looking into hiring a BPO is understanding the cost structure of the services they are seeking. Transparency is essential to ensure that there are no surprises down the road and that businesses can make informed decisions. At Smiles On Demand we abide by extremely high standards that provide clients with a transparent and straightforward cost structure.

Flat Rate BPO Pricing

We’re committed to flat-rate pricing. This means that clients are charged a consistent, predetermined fee for the services they receive, regardless of the complexity or industry specialization. Flat-rate pricing simplifies budgeting and financial planning for businesses, as they can accurately predict their outsourcing expenses without worrying about fluctuations or unexpected costs.

No Hidden Fees or Additional Costs

One of the concerns that often plagues business owners when considering BPO services is the possibility of hidden fees or unexpected additional costs. We alleviate these concerns by offering a completely transparent pricing structure. Clients can rest assured that the price they see is the price they pay. There are no hidden fees lurking in the shadows, waiting to surprise them. This transparency builds trust and ensures a strong, mutually beneficial partnership between Smiles On Demand and its clients.

Onboarding and Training

For businesses looking to transition their processes to Smiles On Demand, the initial onboarding and training phase is paramount. We offer two weeks of free onboarding and training. This provides clients with the opportunity to familiarize their offshore teams with their unique processes, requirements, and company culture without incurring additional charges. It’s a demonstration of our commitment to helping clients seamlessly integrate their outsourcing solutions.

Competitive Hourly Rates

The cost structure at Smiles On Demand is not only transparent but also highly competitive. The hourly rates for our services are designed to provide exceptional value without compromising on quality. We offer back office agents at a rate of just $7.50 per hour and customer service agents at an affordable $8.00 per hour. These rates make outsourcing an attractive proposition for businesses of all sizes, enabling cost savings without sacrificing operational excellence.

Industry Neutrality

Unlike some BPO providers that charge extra fees for specialized industries like law or medicine, we maintain a uniform pricing model across industries. This means that clients in fields such as healthcare, legal, e-commerce, hospitality, or SaaS can benefit from the same cost-effective solutions without being penalized for their industry-specific requirements. This approach is not only fair but also highly advantageous for businesses with diverse needs.

Cost Calculator

To further enhance transparency and assist potential clients in estimating their outsourcing costs, we built a user-friendly cost calculator. This tool allows businesses to input their specific requirements and receive an instant estimate of the expected expenses. The cost calculator takes into account factors such as the number of agents required and the type of services. It empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions and plan their outsourcing strategies with precision.

We distinguish ourself in the BPO industry by offering a cost structure that is not only transparent but also highly competitive and accommodating. Our commitment to flat-rate pricing, absence of hidden fees, and the provision of free onboarding and training reflect our dedication to building trust and delivering value to clients.

If you’re interested in hiring a BPO, contact us. Our team can help determine if we’re a fit for you and if so, get you set up and running is just two weeks.

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