We Build Talented Offshore
Teams in the Philippines

We Build The Teams That
Drive Business Growth

We offer a flexible suite of solutions to support your business at any scale. From industry specialists to operational support, we provide a wide variety of services. But what they all have in common is our commitment to quality, efficiency, and the highest level of service – made possible by our local connections and hands-on management.

Outstanding Customer Experience
Has Never Been This Accessible or Cost-Effective

At Smiles, we’ve been delivering superior customer experience since day one – and we know the details matter.

That’s why, when you work with us, you’ll get a trained, adaptable team that’s tailored to your business and your customers. We identify what your customers need day-to-day. We understand what your business does year-after-year. And we plug into your existing infrastructure to deliver seamless customer support.


Customer Experience Made Effortless

Customer Service & Support

From placing orders to product and service enquiries, we’ll help you give customers simple-yet- effective service at every stage.

Inbound Sales

With in-depth knowledge of your business, our trained agents guide your customers to the right products and a successful sale.

Logistics & Dispatch Operations

Wherever you’re based, our team can coordinate pickups, deliveries, and logistics on your behalf.


From hotels to medical offices, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses make the right first impression.

A High-Quality Experience On Every Channel

Our Expert Team Can Support You Across:


Live Chat

Social Media

Help Desk


Back Office Operations

At Smiles, we’re experts in back office processes. Trust our team to manage everything and make it simple – for you and your customers.

We combine speed with scalability in a way that’s otherwise inaccessible to smaller businesses. When automation just isn’t an option, we can expand your team to keep pace with your growing needs – all without compromising on quality and precision.

We have the people, tools, and processes in place to deliver high-quality output fast and affordably. So, there’s no need for you to build anything from scratch. Just let us know your back office support needs, and we’ll create the solution that works for you.


Content Moderation

From forums to social media, we provide content oversight to ensure your policies and preferences are enforced.

Data Entry

Our fast and accurate data entry accurately converts your paper-based information into digital format. Cross-system data entry ensures that all data is consistent across multiple systems.


Our highly trained teams deliver transcription services with speed and accuracy – even when industry-specific terminology is involved.

Photo Evaluation

For post-stay property checks, product returns, and more, our diligent team never misses a detail.

Background Checks

Trust our team to check references and verify your applicants for your peace of mind.

Ecommerce Admin

Effortlessly manage your ecommerce needs with our admin services. We handle everything from uploading new products to checking stock levels, and more.

CMS Admin

Our team has years of experience in working with data-heavy platforms across travel, hospitality, real estate, and more.

Categorizing & Tagging

Our skilled team helps manage your data through categorization, data through categorization, tagging, and grouping.


Dedicated Professionals

At Smiles, we’re at the forefront of the rapidly-growing outsourced talent pool in the Philippines.

Get more from your offshore professionals with effortless management and transparency, through our remote monitoring tools.

We make working with our team quick, easy, and seamless.

Our proven system means you can hit the ground running and scale quickly.

Talented Professionals and Sector Specialists


Medical Office Support

Our team of medical professionals understands the world of medicine and the way your organization works.


Give each of your customers a premier guest experience with our hospitality support.

Logistics Management

Our reliable logistics and transportation services reduce your cost while increasing delivery speed.

Need Something Different?

Our local presence means we can scour our network to find the professional you need.

US: (323) 205-1212

AU: 03 8609 6908

UK: (020) 3519 1287

CA: (647) 479-0157


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