We build and manage your offshore team

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We build and manage your offshore team

What We Do Your All In One Offshoring Solution

At Smiles, we provide a complete and scalable offshore staffing solution from our offices in the Philippines. We find the right people to create dynamic teams that integrate seamlessly with your growing business and its systems, processes and onshore teams. Our experienced Operations Managers manage your team to deliver the results your business needs, repeatably and predictably.

Recruitment & On-boarding

We find the right candidates, do preliminary interviews, testing and background checks before presenting them to you for interview.

Management & Oversight

Our experienced Operations Managers drive your team to make sure we continue to meet and exceed your targets.

Productive Office Space

Your team works in our purpose-built office spaces where it’s quiet and perfect for getting things done. We handle power, connectivity, facilities and utilities.

Full Support

We take care of Human Resources, Administration, Finance, Legal, IT and Facilities Management, absorbing all day to day workplace issues.

Tightly Integrated

Your team works as an extension of your office, so we make sure they’re set up with the tools they need to integrate fully with your systems.

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Available 24/7

We’re here to support your business around the clock, and your hourly rate is the same regardless of time worked.

How It Works
We have the experience and resources needed to manage your team to success

  • 1. Build & Train Your Team

    We’ll find the perfect candidates, pre-screen and present them to you for interview. No payment is due until you have selected candidates, and a two week training period is included free of charge.

  • 2. Set up your Tools

    Set your new team members up with access to your tools and resources to get everyone on the same page. We happily work with RingCentral, Vonage, Five9, Salesforce, Freshdesk, LiveChat, Zendesk, Skype, Slack, Hangouts and many more widely used tools and apps.

  • 3. Work Directly With Your Team

    You have direct access You have direct access to the every member of your team via your preferred communications tool (phone extension, Skype, Slack, Hangouts etc.) and our Ops Managers are always there to keep things on track, set KPIs with you and meet with you regularly to make sure things are going to plan.

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Smiles Offices Guihulngan City

Bulletproof Service Delivery
Free Relief Teams, Redundant Systems & Uninteruptable Power

Smiles Relief Team
For every 5 to 8 dedicated staff, we engage 1 dedicated reliever. Our relievers step in when an one of your team is absent or on leave, so you can always depend on reliable service delivery.

Relievers are included in the price and participate fully in your training as well as day to day operations when they’re not covering for someone.

If your team is less than 5, your reliever will be shared with another team, but a reliever will never be shared with more than 2 teams.

Experienced Ops Managers
Our 24/7 team of Operations Managers are responsible for your team’s success. They are there during initial training so they understand your needs and expectations. They oversee your team on a day to day basis, and they’re your primary point of contact for operational issues.

Let their years of experience in driving teams to success do wonders for your business.

Failsafe IT & Power Infrastructure
Our IT systems are designed from the ground up to be fully redundant – that means that any server, switch, router or internet connection can fail without causing major disruption to service delivery.

During power outages, our centralized UPS systems power our offices until our generators kick in. We can run on generator power indefinitely, allowing us to continue to provide service even if utility power is down for an extended time (such as after a strong earthquake or typhoon for example).

Getting Started
We do the heavy lifting to get you up and running in no time

  • Get in Touch

    Let us know what type of staff you’re looking for and how you want things to work so we can tailor a solution that’s a perfect fit for your business. We’ll prepare a Proposal and Outsourcing Agreement within 24 hours.

  • Review & Sign Agreement

    We keep things straightforward with our Outsourcing Agreement – you won’t find much legalese, but if there’s anything you would like to change or add, just let us know.

  • Interview & Select Candidates

    Use your preferred interview techniques or test routines. We won’t ask for any payment until you have chosen candidates. If none of our candidates are suitable, there is no obligation to pay anything. We recommend that you select one or two more candidates than you will eventually need as these can be filtered during training.

  • Make Initial Payment & Start Training

    We ask for a 2-week advance payment, after which you can start training. The two week training period is completely free – we don’t start billing for your team’s time until they are fully trained. Train your team the way you prefer, via web conferencing, phone, Skype, Webex, screencasting or even in person here in the Philippines.

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Eliminate Legal Liabilities
We absorb all employment risks and complications

When you work with Smiles remote teams, there is just a single outsourcing agreement between your business and Smiles. We directly employ teams assigned to your account, so we absorb all the liabilities and risks of employment, reducing your business’ risk profile considerably.

Outsourcing Agreement

This is the agreement between your company and Smiles On Demand Outsourcing, Inc. that specifies our commitments to you, your commitments to us, pricing and other terms and conditions. In this agreement, we stipulate that employees hired by Smiles for you will be dedicated to working with you on a full-time basis.

Employment Contracts

We maintain individual employment contracts with each employee hired on your behalf, specifying the terms of employment, such as salary, working hours, confidentiality, intellectual property and termination clauses. All Smiles employment contracts Department of Labor compliant. Non-disclosure agreements may be signed additionally if that is a mandate at your company.

Working Relationship

Team members that Smiles hires on your behalf are assigned to work with you on a full-time basis. This way, you can enjoy the full benefits of an employee, without the risks or complications of hiring employees directly.

Multiple Locations
Cost Efficient, Accessible, Clean

Most of our competitors are located in the Philippines’ biggest cities (Manila, Cebu etc.)

We discovered early on that most employees who work in these locations actually come from more provincial areas forcing them to rent overpriced bedspaces in shanty areas and spend hours commuting to work each day. They can only see their families a few times per year.

We take a different approach: By locating our offices in more provincial cities, we’re able to attract longer term, happier employees who live with their families locally, while spending less on office space and employee housing – savings which we pass on directly to you.

Working Together
Working closely with you even if we’re geographically distant

In any outsourcing relationship, a clear understanding of who is responsible for what within the framework of the agreement is critical. At Smiles, we like to keep things simple: We provide everything needed for your team to perform their job, and we oversee the team in a supervisory capacity.

Smiles Responsibilities

  • Preparation of Proposal / Contract: Let us create a custom proposal and contract to suit your needs and in your currency.
  • Recruitment: Finding the right candidates for your job description.
  • Background Checks: We make sure candidates have no prior convictions, check their qualifications and experiences are genuine and that they are who they say they are.
  • Preliminary Interviews: We filter out the bulk and present you with the best.
  • Client Interview Facilitation: Let us know your availability and we’ll arrange for the rest.
  • On-boarding and Set-up: After you’ve selected successful candidates, we’ll get them set up and ready to work.

Client Responsibilities

  • Initial discussions: Let us know your needs so we can prepare a proposal for you.
  • Review & sign proposal: We’ll get started with candidate selection.
  • Interview & Select Candidates: We’ll guide you through the process.
  • Make advance payment: We ask for an advance payment once you have selected candidates.
  • Initial Training: Introduce your new workers to the job and let the work begin!