The best part about outsourcing to the Philippines? You now have the option to visit us and combine business with pleasure! 

Come and meet your team at Smiles on Demand and enjoy the stunning beauty this tropical region has to offer.

Our country is our home to world-renowned natural wonders such as underground rivers, incredible diving spots, and powdery white sand beaches.

But don’t just take our word for it – come and see and experience the Philippines for yourself. 

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to visit, this is it!

Visit Us & Meet Your Team

Outsourcing is so much more than just saving you money…

At Smiles, we believe with the right oversight, training, and incentives, you can not only control costs but supercharge your revenue growth!

We are your secret weapon for scaling successfully. Trusting a third-party provider like ourselves with a large aspect of your business can be daunting in the beginning. We get it.

While remote teams are proving to be of huge benefit for businesses in these changeful times, at Smiles we want you to feel as close to your team as humanly possible.

What better way to form a long-standing relationship than to come and visit us in person?

During your trip, you’ll meet with our CEO Graham Innes, and get to know your team.

In either of our two locations, you’ll find your team who are dedicated to excellence in everything they do.

Our people are driven, energetic, and enthusiastic.

At Smiles, we’re small enough to care about every individual – we treat our employees like people, not numbers on a list that can be easily replaced.

Where Are We In The Philippines?

Unlike a lot of outsourcing companies in the Philippines, you will not find us in the big cities such as Manila or Cebu. Both our office locations (Dumaguete and Guihulngan) are located on Negros Island in the Southern Philippines.

Negros Island

Negros Island is characterized by rugged mountains, unspoiled beaches,  underwater coral gardens, and urban grooves. 

In the Western Visayas region, it has the most to offer after the popular destination of Boracay, particularly the southern coast, stretching from Danjugan Island around the tip to Bais, where diving is a big bucket list item. 

Our office in Dumaguete on the south coast is located in a funky college town that is quickly becoming a hotspot for ex-pats.

Visit Us in Guihulngan

In the more northerly region, the island Bacolod is celebrated for its delicious culinary treats, nearby Silay is a living museum of historic homes, and the cool mountain resorts of Mt Kanlaon offer a refreshing alternative to the beach.

Mt. Kanolon

Guihulgan is where you will find our other office – it’s around a 1 hr and 40-minute drive from Dumaguete.

This lesser-explored city is home to mountains, waterfalls, lakes, caves – you name it, the city of Guihulngan has it!

The nearby island of Bohol is an underdeveloped natural haven that’s super accessible and well-worth exploring too.

Aside from our two office destinations, a stay anywhere in the Visayas region puts you in a prime location to enjoy the best of what the country has to offer.

Some of our CEO’s favorites include: 

Getting Here

If you do decide you would like to visit us getting here is easy.

The quickest way is to fly into Cebu or Manila then get a domestic flight to Dumaguete Airport.

Alternatively, you can map your own route from anywhere in the world using the Rome2Rio.Com website.

There is an abundance of the airplane, train, car, and ferry routes to choose from so you won’t be stuck for options. If you need any help planning your trip please reach out to us for advise.

Filipino Hospitality

Last but not least our celebrated hospitality is worth a mention.

If you’ve not heard about it first-hand all it takes is a quick Google search to see what people have to say about the Filipino people.

We’re widely-regarded as some of the happiest and most hospitable people in the world.

smiles team

I mean…Who can blame us? Living this side of paradise has its perks!

We can’t wait to welcome you.

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